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on-site electrostatic painting, coating, interior, exterior, surfaces
Here at On-site Electrostatic Painting we can assist you in selecting the proper coating for interior and exterior surfaces such as primers, industrial enamels, epoxies and urethanes.

Electrostatic painting is based upon the basic law of opposites attract. The electrostatic force is so powerful that it can pull paint around corners, ensuring a smooth even coat. The item being painted is given a negative charge while the paint is given a positive charge. All of the paint is then placed through a special round revolving nozzle where the item meets up with the paint droplets that plates the paint to the item. You never have to worry about overspray, fogging or drift. It is very neat and clean.

Some key benefits of electrostatic painting include:
  • Convenience - work is done on-site
  • Make it look new at a fraction of the cost
  • No interruption - day or night shifts are available
  • Wide choice of colors and textures
  • Wide varieties of paints
  • No mess
  • No overspray

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On-Site Electrostatic Painting

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